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  • Mr.Azam Khan Niazi, President & C.E.O

    We know our passengers, we know their needs, and we know their problems. We are in a journey to establish more comfortable, more affordable, more reliable and more enjoyable transportation system to deliver more values to our passengers. Today we are better than yesterday, tomorrow we will be better than today (IN SHA ALLAH)..

    Message to every travelers is '' passengers! Niazi express always remembers you’’.... We are trying to win your hearts; we are serving to make you smile. We run buses with our hearts not with fuel..

    Transportation is a 24 hours business so it’s also a 24 hours responsibility. As a transport facilitator, we have proven ourselves a helping hand to new comers into transport sector. We are united, this is what we do, this is what we say, this is what we ask, and this is what we deliver..... Stay united, share your little powers sustain your bigger loses

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