Niazi Express Bus Service


Company Profile

Niazi Bus Services is the largest provider of intercity and urban bus transportation, serving more than 100 destinations with 1500 daily departures across Pakistan. It has become a Pakistan icon, providing safe, enjoyable and affordable travel to their passengers.

Chairman's Message

"We know our passengers, we know their needs, and we know their problems. We are in a journey to establish more comfortable, more affordable, more reliable and more enjoyable transportation system to deliver more values to our passengers. Today we are better than yesterday, tomorrow we will be better than today (IN SHA ALLAH)."

Mr. Azam Khan Niazi

Our Mission

Provide safe, Reliable and affordable intercity road-passenger transport in Pakistan by focusing our resources. We will meet the changing needs of our passengers with absolutes of integrity, efficiency and professionalism. We will grow the company through the grace and guidance of God, by our commitment to the advancement of our people and the Kingdom of God on earth, and by winning our laurels honorably through fair trading and exceptional effort.

Our Vission

To maintain and grow "NIAZI EXPRESS" in the all transport Network operator of choice in Pakistan. Through profitable trading and acting as a change agent, NIAZI EXPRESS will strive to assist in the establishment of a stable, peaceful, democratic and law abiding society in which it could sustainability exist in the future. Our vision shall be achieved through dedicated Values some of the values are.