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Welcome to Niazi Express Transport services. Let us tell you about it!

Founded in 1990, Niazi Bus Services is the largest provider of intercity and urban bus transportation, serving more than 100 destinations with 1500 daily departures across Pakistan. It has become a Pakistan icon, providing safe, enjoyable and affordable travel to 54 million passengers each year. Niazi Express is well known for its regularly scheduled passenger service and it is playing an important role in delivering social inclusion, helping people in rural and urban areas for business, trade, career, service, education, training, health, shopping and leisure.

Why Choose Niazi Express We’ll Tell You!

Flexibility: You are not limited to a fixed schedule choose where you want to go just come to Niazi terminal when you are ready to travel we are always available.
Safety: No getting lost in strange towns or cities we travel with your safety, security and care.
Enjoyable: Travel Pakistan in style as you enjoy the open roads in the luxurious comfort of Niazi Buses. All -new modern style traveling to make your journey Enjoyable Sit back, relax and share travel tales.
Affordable: strength of Niazi Express company luxury travel in cheap fare.
Get On-Board Information: Advance Information and booking tell you what's going on when to go how to go with.
Punctuality: Niazi express strictly strongly focus on the punctuality of arrival and departures of buses. We are punctual.